Frequently Asked Questions

Rental questions

What documentation is required to rent a car?
To rent a car, you will need your original driver's license, passport, and an International Driving Permit (IDP) if your driver's license is not in English.
What are the age restrictions for renting a car?
The minimum age for renting a car at "Carborn" is 21 years old. Some car classes may have a minimum age requirement of 25 years old. Additional age requirements may apply depending on the car type.
What payment methods does "Carborn" accept?
We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and cash payments in UAE dirhams.
Is there a refundable deposit when renting a car?
Yes, a refundable deposit is required when renting a car. The deposit amount depends on the chosen car and payment method. The deposit will be returned upon the completion of the rental period, provided that the car is returned without damage and in the agreed-upon condition.
Can I rent a car for multiple days?
Yes, we offer car rental for both short-term and long-term periods. You can choose the rental duration that suits your needs.
How does car delivery and return work?
We provide car delivery to your specified location in Dubai, including airports and hotels. Car return can also be arranged at a convenient location for you.
What happens if the car gets damaged during the rental period?
Upon receiving the car, you will be required to inspect it for any damages and report them to a "Carborn" representative. If the car sustains any damage during the rental period, you will be offered to file an insurance claim, and the insurance company will cover the repair costs, taking into account your deductible (excess).
Can I modify or cancel my reservation?
Yes, you can modify or cancel your reservation. However, please note that a cancellation fee applies depending on the notice period for cancellation.