Rent Hyundai in Dubai

AED 210
Daily rate
250 km
Max. speed
200 km/h

Documents Required for Hyundai Car Rental in the UAE

All visitors of Dubai must be prepared that a personal car is a must have. This is the only way to experience such a VIP city, outside of a taxi, because it allows people to see urban streets from a totally new perspective. While choosing a proper service to rent a car is already a little challenging, considering how many of them have opened in recent years, there are also certain requirements to documents. They must be provided in order to get a vehicle up and ready to use. 

The main credentials required include your driver’s license, passport and an international driving permit depending on your home country license. These original documents are mandatory when visiting the CarBorn rental counter or pickup location. Let’s explore the specifics for tourists and expats renting Hyundai cars in the UAE:

  • Driver’s License. Your valid driver’s license from your home country allows you to operate cars in the UAE. However, if the license is not printed in Arabic or English, an IDP is also mandatory. The IDP is essentially a translation of your existing license into internationally recognized languages.
  • Passport. In conjunction with your license, your passport proves identity and citizenship when picking up a rental car. The passport should match personal details on the driver’s license and IDP. Ensure your passport has a minimum 6 months validity when entering the UAE.
  • International Driving Permit. This is essentially a translation of your current driver’s license. It includes no additional testing or certification. The document displays critical rental information like your name, photo, license number, birthdate and an authorized translation. IDPs are issued by authorized agencies in your home country, like automobile associations. Permits are valid for 12 months alongside your existing license. Just remember that some countries have rental agreements with the UAE. So verify if your license requires translating into Arabic or English before obtaining an International Driving Permit.

At minimum you’ll need your valid driver’s license and matching passport to rent Hyundai vehicles across Dubai or other emirates. An International Driving Permit joins this list for many foreign tourists and expats. Present original copies of these documents any time you pickup your rental car. Snap photos of the credentials in case originals are lost or stolen during your UAE travels.

How long does it take to deliver a Hyundai rental car?

Beyond picking up Hyundais at rental branch locations, CarBorn also provides convenient sport car delivery in the UAE. This service brings the vehicle straight to your doorstep at hotels, airports or other Dubai addresses. But how long does rental car delivery actually take in practice?

We can break down Hyundai delivery times into two phases – the booking delay until dispatch and the actual transportation duration to your location:

  • Booking Delay. Once you confirm your Hyundai booking online or by phone, CarBorn prepares vehicle sanitization, refueling and paperwork for handover. Simple rentals may be dispatched in just 30-60 minutes. But peak seasons, customized rentals and large fleet orders may take 2-4 hours to process before dispatch.
  • Transportation Duration. From the nearest CarBorn branch, expect a 30-90 minute drive to most Dubai locales when fueled and prepared. Some outlying areas may take 2+ hours depending on traffic. But hotels along main Dubai thoroughfares generally receive prompt Hyundai deliveries within an hour.

You can monitor delay status and expected arrival times by calling customer support after booking. Agents track GPS rental fleet data to provide accurate delivery ETAs as drivers approach your dropoff address. If flights are delayed significantly, also contact support to reschedule delivery times as needed.

In total, allow at least 2-3 hours from your Hyundai reservation until arriving curbside. But during off-peak periods or for simple rentals, drivers may pull up within just an hour or two in central Dubai. Track your reservation and don’t hesitate to call for updates while you wait.

How much does it cost to rent a Hyundai car in Dubai?

The total rental cost combines of multiple factors:

  • Daily or weekly rental rate
  • Mileage and usage fees
  • Insurance products
  • Taxes and surcharges
  • Deposits
  • Delivery/return charges

Rental Rate Like airfares, base rental prices fluctuate significantly by season, lead time and rental term. The official website has the following list of prices – 210 AED for 1-2 days of rental and only 168 AED in case of 29+ days of renting. Long term rentals of a month or longer attract the most economical base fares. While last-minute bookings spike rates at busy holidays. But even at peak seasons, Hyundai delivers value compared to prestige brands.

Mileage and Usage CarBorn allows 100 km per day included in base rental rates. Extra kilometers are billed at AED 1.0-1.5 per kilometer. Similarly, extending contracts beyond the original term adds daily usage fees. Factor these potential fees into your total commitment.

Insurance While basic insurance is bundled, consider extras like Collision Damage Waiver and theft protection. They shield much of the financial risks when renting vehicles. This peace of mind offsets relatively modest insurance premiums. Just ensure you understand coverage limits if opting in.

Is there a minimum age for Dubai Hyundai car rental?

For the most affordable makes like Hyundai’s fleet, you generally must meet these age cutoffs:

  • Minimum Age. CarBorn follows industry standards requiring drivers to reach at least 21 years of age to pick up rentals across vehicle segments. This applies for tourists and resident renters alike. While rare exemptions exist for corporate rentals, 21 is the norm. 25 years is a base minimum for sport cars
  • Maximum Age. At the other end of the spectrum, drivers over 70 face restrictions reserving newer high-end selections. But for bread-and-butter makes like Hyundai, you can freely rent into your 70s without issue.

Overall the 21 to 70 range covers almost all renters desires to cruise Dubai in in-demand Hyundai vehicles like the Hyundai Santa-Fe.

How can I rent a Hyundai car without a deposit in Dubai?

Upfront security deposits allow rental agencies like CarBorn to provide cars without full upfront payments. But paying deposits often surprises visitors upon pickup. Luckily, some rental companies offer deposit-free Hyundai car leasing in the UAE.

Standard practice is authorizing AED 500-1500 before driving away, with higher-end models and newer renters requiring full payment upfront for rental coverage assurance. You authorize this prepayment on a valid credit card based on risk factors:

  • Vehicle Class – Luxury cars require higher coverage deposits;
  • Location – Rules vary place to place;
  • Payment Type – Cash/debit renters may pre-pay for vehicles.

Hyundai deposits range widely from AED 200-500 on average with outside factors adjusting risks. Pre-payments refund after returning the car punctually in satisfactory condition. But paying hefty sums upfront catches many renters off guard.

Renting Hyundais Deposit-Free A select few rental agencies like SHIFAA and Drive and Smile allow customers with solid credentials rent deposit-free. Typically this requires:

  • Extensive Rental History – Years of existing contracts prove reliability;
  • Residency Status – Local expats face fewer perceived risks;
  • Premium Insurance – Paying extra for premium liability demonstrates commitment.

The deposit is an important indicator for the company that the client is serious about renting a good vehicle. 

Can you rent a Hyundai car without a credit card?

Credit cards provide the convenient basis for Deposit payments and insurance coverage when booking Hyundai rentals in the UAE. But visitors do not always carry expensive credit facilities while traveling to control costs. Luckily, Dubai rental agencies accept select alternate payments beyond Visa and MasterCard alone:

  • Cash/Debit Card. Paying outright via cash or debit card is accepted by CarBorn to pickup cars off airport lots or delivered locations across Dubai. However, you must pay the full rental duration cost UPFRONT rather than authorizing deposits only. CarBorn accepts UAE Dirham cash payments onsite for walk-in reservations. Currency exchanges front Dubai terminals. Debit cards also facilitate hands-free rental payments via instant withdrawals. Just carry enough to prepay your whole contract.
  • Prepayment/Bank Transfer. When booking Hyundais online from abroad, CarBorn accepts bank wire transfer settlements to finalize contracts in advance of arrival. Payment portals securely facilitate deposits into local Emirati accounts to settle prepayments. Just enqueue transfers 1-2 weeks early to allow processing before pickup dates. Bring the receipt to collect cars without a credit card on hand.
  • Voucher Payments. Third parties like rental brokers, travel agencies and airline partners issue prepaid vouchers for Hyundai car classes redeemable locally. Payment facilitates remotely while providers forward confirmation codes and vouchers via email even late at night. Rideshares like Uber now subsumed rental costs too into overall airport transfer costs. Simply present the voucher on your device to pick up complimentary cars. No plastic card required!

Business/Corporate Accounts Corporations with large or frequent UAE rental needs open annual charge accounts with agencies like CarBorn. Staff order cars globally on accounts for guaranteed availability. Payment facilitates directly via billing cycles with no need for staff cards on hand to support transactions.

Most visitors still require credit cards to quickly guarantee Hyundai rentals with standard insurance. Debit cards, cash, bank transfers or vouchers arrange deposit-free pickups too but require complete prepayment and extra planning. Contact rental agencies ahead before visiting Dubai to arrange approved deposit-free rentals.