Why rent an electric car with Carborn?

Renting a luxury car while in Dubai is great, but an even better idea is to use the help of the Carborn service in order to book one of the electric cars that are currently provided by the company. There are at least a couple of reasons why it is such a good idea: 

  • Environmental sustainability. Such vehicles have zero emissions, which helps reduce Dubai’s carbon footprint. As a city that sees very high temperatures, reducing emissions is important.
  • Saving money on fuel. Electric cars are much cheaper to run than gasoline-powered cars since you just need to charge the battery rather than fill up at petrol stations. This can add up to big savings, especially for longer rentals.
  • Access to HOV lanes. Some areas in this city give electric cars access to HOV lanes, allowing you to avoid traffic congestion and a need for constant braking. This can save a lot of time getting around.
  • Experience new technology. Renting an electric car allows you to test out the emerging EV technology and see what it is like to drive one. This could be useful if you are considering buying an electric car.
  • Quiet and smooth driving. Electric cars tend to provide a quieter, smoother ride than traditional petrol engines. Driving one can be a more luxurious experience.
  • Availability of charging stations. This city is expanding its EV charging network. Major malls, attractions, hotels, and parking garages are adding charging points.
  • Signaling environmental values.  Driving an electric rental shows you care about sustainability and advancing clean transportation. This can send a positive message.

Renting an electric car aligns with Dubai’s eco-friendly initiatives, can save money, provides access benefits, and allows you to trial out new EV technology. With the charging network growing, it’s becoming easier to find electric car rentals in Dubai.

The latest electric car models

This kind of online service provides an opportunity for both residents and tourists to book one of luxury electric vehicles that are among latest additions to the eco-friendly line-up. Among the available models that are currently available on the site, there are such automobiles, like: 

  • Tesla Model S. This premium electric sedan offers blistering performance thanks to dual electric motors providing over 1,000 horsepower in some variants. With Tesla’s advanced technologies like instant torque and Autopilot, the Model S redefines both electric and high-performance vehicles. Its distinct, tech-focused interior provides a unique luxury experience.
  • Mercedes EQS. This electric flagship sedan from Mercedes-Benz combines silent, responsive power with cutting-edge tech and luxury appointments. Dual motors powered by a massive 107.8 kWh battery enable over 480 miles of range. The hyperscreen dashboard and “one bow” exterior styling give the EQS a unique, futuristic persona among electric luxury vehicles.
  • Porsche Taycan. Porsche’s first fully electric sports car offers exhilarating performance, with some variants accelerating from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds thanks to dual electric motors. The low center of gravity allows for agile handling, while advanced battery thermal management enables repeated hard launches without power reduction. The Taycan brings Porsche’s racing legacy into the electric age.
  • Tesla Model X Plaid. This high-performance electric SUV features a tri-motor powertrain enabling supercar-beating acceleration and speed. With seating for up to seven passengers, the Model X Plaid combines extreme performance with SUV practicality. Tesla’s advanced technologies provide instant torque vectoring and near-autonomous driving capabilities. It sets a new benchmark for electric family vehicles.

Such a selection of electric vehicles allows people to find a good enough option for literally any possible scenario of use. In order to choose a proper model, it is recommended to contact the personal manager of the online service. Professionals are ready to provide more details surrounding a specific automobile. 

Zero emission driving

There are a couple of important details that should be mentioned surrounding zero emission driving. If the client decides to book one of these cars, here are what are the key elements:

  • Improved air quality. Electric vehicles produce no tailpipe emissions. Widespread adoption leads to cleaner air, especially in urban areas. This improves public health.
  • Reduced greenhouse gasses. EVs do not burn gasoline or diesel, so they don’t release greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide. This helps tackle climate change.
  • Energy independence. Electricity can be produced domestically through renewable sources like solar and wind. This reduces reliance on imported fossil fuels.
  • Quieter streets. Electric motors make very little noise compared to internal combustion engines. Cities with lots of EVs become less noisy.
  • Performance benefits. The instant torque provided by electric motors allows for faster acceleration. EVs also require less maintenance due to having fewer moving parts.
  • Lower operating costs. Electricity is a less expensive fuel than gasoline per mile. And EVs have lower maintenance costs over the lifespan compared to conventional vehicles.
  • Technology innovation. Developing suitable electric vehicles drives technological advances in batteries, efficiency, powertrain systems, and materials.
  • Energy storage. EV batteries can help stabilize electric grids by recharging during low-demand and supply power back during high demand.

Zero emission electric vehicles provide environmental, health, economic, and technological benefits on both a local and global scale. The transition helps create more livable cities.

A comfortable, quiet ride

Electric cars tend to provide a more comfortable and quieter ride compared to internal combustion engine vehicles for a few key reasons:

  • No engine noise. Electric motors make very little noise compared to gas/diesel engines, which tend to be loud and have vibrations. The cabin of an electric car is almost silent.
  • Smooth acceleration. The instant torque from electric motors allows for smooth, linear acceleration rather than delayed acceleration in an ICE vehicle. This gives a more comfortable feel.
  • Less vibration. The electric drivetrain has far fewer moving parts compared to an internal combustion engine and transmission. This lack of vibration comes through in a smoother ride.
  • Low center of gravity. Battery packs are stored low in the chassis, giving EVs a low center of gravity. This helps handling and stability for a more comfortable ride.
  • Suspension tuning. EV suspension can be tuned differently since the vehicles are lighter weight. Adjustments make for better absorption of bumps and vibrations.
  • Insulated cabin. Electric car cabins use extra sound deadening insulation and noise isolation to block out any noises from wind, tires, or outside.
  • Climate control. Instant heating and cooling comes from the electric system versus having to wait for an ICE to warm up.

The quieter and smoother electric drivetrain, along with design choices focused on comfort, create a luxury feel in many electric cars. Riders experience less noise, vibration, and disturbances for a more relaxing drive.

Easy access to charge points across the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has been making efforts to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the country, making it easier for EV drivers to access charge points. Here are some key developments:

  • Dubai has over three hundred public charging stations located at malls, hotels, public parks, and DEWA substations. There are plans to install four thousands more in the next ten years.
  • Abu Dhabi has installed free charging points at locations like Yas Mall, Al Maryah Island, airports, and Masdar City with plans for over a thousand charge points in the next decade.
  • Sharjah has committed to two hundred charging stations in the next couple of years. EV chargers are already found at malls, government buildings, and Emirates National Oil Company gas stations.
  • RAK, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah also have growing charging infrastructure with about fifty stations currently available.
  • EV charging station maps and apps like ChargerBuddy UAE make it easy to locate the nearest charging point.
  • Most AC chargers are powerful enough and can provide a full charge in four-six hours. But DC fast chargers are also coming up which can charge eighty percent in forty minutes.
  • Charging rates are around thirty fils per kW hour, making it very affordable. Some charging points are also currently free.
  • Hotels like Fairmont, Sheraton, and Atlantis The Palm have EV charging facilities for guests.

So finding an EV charging station across UAE cities is getting convenient. The nationwide charging infrastructure and cheap charging rates make driving an EV viable across the UAE.

Where to charge your EV rental?

There are a couple of points on the map of Dubai that provide a way to charge the rented automobile: 

  • Hotels. Many major hotels in the city like the Atlantis, JW Marriott, and Sofitel have EV charging stations in their parking garages that you can use if staying there.
  • DEWA Charging Stations. There are over three hundred public charging points across the city, including at malls, parks, beaches, and their offices. These are open to all drivers.
  • Malls. Popular malls like Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Mercato, Town Centre Jumeirah, and Ibn Battuta Mall have electric vehicle charging stations in their parking areas.
  • Government buildings. Knowledge Park, Dubai International Financial Centre, and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre are some government locations with charging points available.
  • Select Petrol Stations. Some petrol stations like Emarat and ENOC offer charging points, often free for customers.
  • Road and Transport Authority. RTA has charging stations at locations like Palm Jumeirah, Al Barsha, Al Quoz Bus Depot, and Al Awir Central Car Park.
  • Charging Apps. Applications like ChargerBuddy can locate the nearest charging stations available in Dubai.

It is possible to say that there are just enough places that can provide a convenient way for charging the vehicle. 

Plan your trip with the EV trip planner

An EV trip planner is an online tool designed to help plan trips in electric vehicles by locating charging stations along your route. Here are some key features of the trip planners:

  • Input your trip details.  Enter your starting point, destination, and electric vehicle model. Some planners allow adding waypoints too.
  • Charging station locator. The planner will map out charging stations along your route that are compatible with your vehicle’s charging connector type and capability.
  • Range estimator. It calculates the estimated range your EV can cover given the trip distance while factoring elevation changes. This indicates if and where you need to charge.
  • Charging time. The planner estimates charging time required at each charging point along the route based on charger speed (AC, DC, kW output) and your EV’s state of charge.
  • Amenities filter. You can filter charging station results to show only those at certain amenities like restaurants, hotels, malls, etc.
  • Real-time status. Some planners tap into networks to show real-time charger availability and outages for stations.
  • Directions. Turn-by-turn directions are provided, guiding you from point to point along the optimized route.
  • Save trip plans. Registered users can save customized trip plans for future reference.

This planner takes the guesswork out of EV road trips. It makes the overall process of renting the electric cars much simpler and more comfortable. It is a convenient way for people to finally get access to the great vehicle at an affordable price, without any additional time spendings. 

FAQs about electric vehicle rental

While most things are completely understandable surrounding the service for renting an electric car, there are certain questions that people may have and do not understand how they work. In this FAQ you will find answers to those questions. 

Does the vehicle come with charging cables?

Yes, the vehicle comes with charging cables for the convenience of customers who book it. 

Does Carborn provide a charging solution?

Yes, a charging solution is provided for all clients. 

Where can I charge an EV?

The charging process depends on a specific automobile rented by the client. Tesla can be charged with a dedicated Tesla supercharger. In this case, there is not going to be a fee for such a procedure, while for other vehicles it is possible to use DEWA charging stations. Special cards for these vehicles are provided with the automobile itself. 

How much does it cost to charge an EV?

The cost of charging an EV should not bother clients of the Carborn service, because the company pays the bill. 

Who pays for the charging cost?

The team of Carborn service has created a system that allows them to pay for all charging costs, leaving the client free to just book the car and use it for the whole renting term without any additional charges. 

How far can I travel with a full charge?

It all depends on a specific automobile. An average travel charge is 400 kilometers / 248 miles. 

What distinguishes the driving behavior of an electric car?

These vehicles are very quiet, they have a fast acceleration and idle is completely absent.