Rent Cadillac in Dubai

AED 1100
Daily rate
250 km
180 km/h

Renting Cadillac Escalade in Dubai – A Must-Have Car

It is difficult to find a person that has never heard about the famous Cadillac Escalade. This is the car that everyone has dreamed of in one way or another. But the good news is – if you are in Dubai, there is no reason to buy such an expansive, luxury car, because the Carborn service gives a chance to simply rent it for a good price as quickly as possible. To make sure this fantasy does come true, learn more details about how it works and what you should do to finally drive this fantastic car.

Reasons to Rent This Car

At first it may seem like renting an SUV car is not for everyone, which is partially true, but in this case – the main purpose is the experience. Driving a Cadillac Escalade is like nothing else. It doesn’t matter where you are going in this city, you will be pleased to enjoy following features that all cars of the brand share:

  • The Functionality. It is important to be honest – this vehicle is a total beast, because it is massive and has an SUV structure with professional specifications and multimedia features being presented as well. This is a very good solution for all sorts of drivers, especially for those who like to move freely around the city;
  • Top Tier Materials. Cars of the company are completed with the power of top tier materials that make them able to withstand any conditions, even sand storms or rainy weather. Off-road trips definitely not going to be a problem in case of using such vehicles;
  • Safety Measures. Vehicles of the brand have an advanced surround vision which provides a 360 degree look on everything that is going on around the car. This is important for people who would like to make sure that everything is going to be fine with the vehicle, even on the busy streets of Dubai.

These reasons alone show why this 9 seater is so much popular among all sorts of people. For some it is even an ability to finally live their dream and drive a car for a business trip.

Characteristics of Cadillac Escalade

To understand the true power of this car, it is important to point out that the latest generation of the model that is currently available to rent from the Carborn service has a list of very impressive characteristics:

  • The vehicle is equipped with a powerful V8 engine. The latest model features a 6.2-liter version, which delivers excellent horsepower and torque for both city driving and highway cruising;
  • It comes with a smooth-shifting automatic transmission, such as a 10-speed automatic, ensuring efficient power delivery and seamless gear changes;
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD). This car often comes with an available all-wheel drive system, enhancing traction and stability on various road conditions. This feature allows the vehicle to adapt to different terrains and weather conditions.

It features an advanced suspension system designed to provide a comfortable and controlled ride. This unique car may incorporate magnetic ride control or adaptive suspension systems, adjusting damping settings in real-time to enhance stability and ride quality.

How to Order a Rental?

If you feel an interest in renting such a car, it can be done pretty easily with the help of the Carborn website. You need to be at least 21 years old and have 2 years of driving experience to apply for a rental. Be sure to fill up a dedicated information form on the site or have a direct conversation with the customer support team by calling them via the phone number that is presented on the site.