Rent McLaren in Dubai

AED 2100
Daily rate
250 km
341 km/h

Documents Required for McLaren Car Rental in the UAE

Renting a luxury McLaren sports car can make for an unforgettable experience while visiting the United Arab Emirates. However, visitors must have the proper documentation for such exotic car rentals across Dubai and other Emirates. The main credentials include your driver’s license, passport and potentially an International Driving Permit:

  • Driver’s License. Your valid driver’s license from your home country enables you to legally operate rental cars in the UAE. Just ensure the license has your name in either Arabic or English. Otherwise, an IDP containing translated license details is mandatory as well. The IDP essentially converts license specifics into internationally recognized languages.
  • Passport. Along with a valid license, your passport verifies identity when assuming control of a McLaren rental vehicle. Information like your name, birthdate and citizenship should match on both the passport and driver’s license. Also confirm your passport meets the minimum 6 month validity period upon entering the United Arab Emirates.
  • International Driving Permit. An International Driving Permit is a translation document derived from your current driver’s license. It is issued in your home country through designated agencies like automobile associations. The IDP exhibits vital rental credentials like your name, birthdate, license number and photo plus an authorized translation. IDPs normally remain valid for 12 months alongside existing licenses. Visitors should check rental agreements to see if their home country license requires an Arabic or English translation prior to obtaining an International Driving Permit.

Present original versions of your driver’s license, passport and International Driving Permit if required when picking up a rented McLaren in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. Also take photos of these documents in case any originals become misplaced during your travels. Following this guidance ensures you meet car rental requirements for driving high-performance McLarens across this Middle East destination.

How long does it take to deliver a McLaren rental car?

Beyond exotic car rentals across Dubai, Carborn also provides convenient McLaren delivery in the UAE. This service brings your dream supercar straight to your hotel, airport, or home address. But how long does McLaren rental delivery actually take in practice? Here is a brief description of what to expect:

  • Booking Delay. Once you confirm your McLaren order online or by phone, Carborn handles logistics like detailing, fueling and insurance paperwork to dispatch your supercar. Simple rentals may ship in just 1-2 hours. But large fleet requests or add-ons like private drivers may take 3-5 hours before dispatch.
  • Transportation Duration. From the nearest hub expect a 30-90 minute drive to most locales when prepped and fueled. Outlying areas could take 2+ hours depending on traffic. But major city centers and airports generally receive McLarens within 60 minutes.
  • Status of the order. You can check delay status and ETAs by calling Carborn’s customer service post-booking. Agents access GPS data on in-transit rentals to provide updates as drivers near your delivery address. If flights are delayed, contact support to adjust drop-off times.

In total allow 3-6 hours from your McLaren order until the keys land in your hands. But rentals during off-peak periods, or in central Dubai may arrive within 3 hours start to finish. Contact support for updates while you wait.

How much does it cost to rent a McLaren car in Dubai?

The McLaren 720 available from Carborn offers unmatched performance and style. But how much will it cost to put yourself behind the wheel of this incredible supercar during your time in Dubai?

Carborn’s rental rates for the awe-inspiring McLaren 720 depend on the length of your rental:

  • 1-2 days: AED 2100 Per Day;
  • 3-7 days: AED 1995 Per Day;
  • 8-28 days: AED 1890 Per Day;
  • 29+ days: AED 1680 Per Day.

In addition to the daily rental fee, Carborn requires a fully refundable security deposit of AED 3000. This deposit is in place to cover any damages or traffic violations during your rental. As long as you return the vehicle undamaged and avoid any tickets, you will get your full deposit back.

Is there a minimum age for McLaren car rental?

To experience the unmatched power and performance of the McLaren 720 available from top luxury and exotic car rental company Carborn, most drivers will need to meet a minimum age requirement. Knowing the details on age restrictions and other qualification standards ahead of time allows you to plan appropriately for your supercar rental adventure. So what is the minimum age to put yourself behind the wheel of Carborn’s magnificent McLaren fleet while visiting Dubai?

The short answer is 21 years old. Drivers need to be at least 21 years of age to sign the rental contract and qualify for renting the high-powered twin-turbo McLaren 720 that Carborn offers within their exotic car rental collection in Dubai.

This minimum age requirement instills confidence that drivers have achieved adequate experience and developed sound judgement and maturity before engaging launch control from standstill and putting the 720 horsepower engine through its paces. While younger enthusiasts may dream of testing their 0-100 km/hr sprint times, the reality is that controlling a supercar like the McLaren 720 requires training and wordly wisdom.

That being said, reaching the 21 year age milestone simply establishes eligibility to rent the 720. Interested drivers looking to experience the blend of elegance, comfort, and performance that the McLaren supercar delivers still need to meet Carborn’s other qualification standards. Most notably, at least 3 years of prior driving experience is mandatory as well to be approved.

Provided excited guests can show they meet BOTH the minimum 21 year age and 3 year driving experience requirements however, the vivid sensation of guiding the McLaren through Dubai awaits. Contact Carborn Exotic Car Rentals to learn more or submit a reservation request today. 

How can I rent a McLaren car without a deposit in Dubai?

Supercars are often the highest-value, most expensive vehicles in rental agencies like Deluxe Rental Cars. Yet standard practices dictate whopping upfront security deposits of AED 2500 to 7500 to guarantee coverage. Many renters do not budget for four- or even five-figure authorizations, leading to frustration.

McLaren rentals in the UAE demand hefty sums upfront based on:

  • Vehicle MSRP – McLaren’s 200+ mph supercars range from $200,000 to over $1 million, necessitating higher coverage;
  • Renter Age – Sports car risk levels increase with younger, less experienced drivers;
  • Return Location – Agencies limit driving to avoid cross-border complications.

Average McLaren deposit amounts sit between AED 5000-7500. That is enough to put quite the unexpected hold on your card! These cover damages, traffic violations, replacement costs, and insurance risks until prompt, uneventful returns. Renting McLarens Deposit-Free As you may imagine, not many renters qualify to take an exotic supercar on faith alone. But some can rent a McLaren in Dubai without a deposit, including:

  • Multi-Year Elites – VIPs with long, 5+ year rental histories may bypass deposits;
  • Resident Celebrities – Ultra high-net individuals often self-insure instead;
  • Premium Insurance and Liability Waiver – Paying maximum daily rates demonstrates seriousness.

Keep in mind, almost all renters still authorize deposits with McLaren contracts. But truly proven renters, like Carborn can sometimes obtain exemptions by fully committing to coverage costs. That said, most still pay standard deposits worth as much as the car itself. 

Can you rent a McLaren car without a credit card?

Credit cards provide the convenient basis for securing exotic McLaren rentals in the UAE upfront. But selective alternate payments also guarantee high-end models without onsite plastic cards in hand:

  • Cash/Debit Card. Paying the full rental duration cost via UAE Dirham cash or debit card upfront is accepted without credit cards. Have enough to cover the entire contract pre-pickup after currency exchanges or withdrawals;
  • Prepayment/Bank Transfer. Send secure bank wire transfers 1-2 weeks early to settle rental accounts before arriving. Provide the transaction receipt onsite to pick up prearranged McLarens without paying again;
  • Voucher Payments. Hotels, airlines and rental brokers issue email vouchers for guaranteed models redeemable by confirmation codes instead of cards. Retain digital voucher evidence and redemption details for complimentary vehicles;
  • Business Accounts. Large corporate accounts with exotic agencies facilitate remote staff bookings worldwide on direct billing cycles instead of employee cards onsite. Order now and fetch upon arrival through company accounts.

While most visitors do require quick credit card guarantees and standard insurance, the options above also finalize hands-free McLaren rentals without cards when planned thoroughly in advance. Contact rental agency Carborn directly to ask about and arrange approved exotic rentals before departing for the UAE without plastic.