Rent Ford in Dubai

Daily rate
250 km
275 km/h
AED 2100
Daily rate
250 km
290 km/h

Documents Required for Ford Car Rental in the UAE

Renting a car is often a necessity for visitors exploring the United Arab Emirates. With vast distances between the Emirates’ major cities, having your own set of wheels makes getting around efficient and convenient. When renting with reputable agencies like CarBorn, you can find premium vehicles like Ford at affordable rates. However, there are a few key documents tourists need to provide before driving away in a rental Ford in the UAE.

The credentials commonly required include a valid driver’s license, passport and sometimes an International Driving Permit. These original documents must be presented when visiting your rental counter or pickup location across Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other emirates. Let’s break down the specifics for foreigners renting Ford cars while visiting the UAE:

  • Driver’s License. Your valid license from home allows you to operate rental cars here. But if it’s not in Arabic or English, an IDP is mandatory too. This permit translates key details into internationally recognized languages.
  • Passport. Along with your license, have your passport ready to verify identity when collecting a Ford rental vehicle. It should match the name, photo and other specifics that appear on your license or IDP. Also confirm your passport has at least 6 months validity when entering the UAE.
  • International Driving Permit. This additional permit translates your existing license into globally recognized languages, including Arabic and English. An IDP simply displays details like your name, birthdate, license number, etc without any testing needed. These are issued in your home country by designated agencies. IDPs are usually valid for one year alongside your current license. Double check if visitors from your country require an IDP or not to drive in the UAE before obtaining one.

With the correct documents, you will be ready to cruise the streets of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and elsewhere behind the wheel of a sporty Mustang, rugged F-150 truck or other Ford model. Be sure to safely store copies of these rental credentials as backups during your UAE travels as well.

How long does it take to deliver a Ford rental car?

Renting a car for your travels in the UAE is a convenient option, allowing flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace. The CarBorn rental service offers an especially useful amenity – delivering rented Ford vehicles directly to customers’ doorsteps. Whether you’re at a hotel, airport or somewhere else in Dubai, rental car delivery spares you an extra trip to the branch office.

But how long does Ford delivery actually take from the time you book? Here is a breakdown:

  • Booking Delay. After reserving your Ford rental online or by phone, CarBorn handles necessary backend procedures before dispatching it out. For simple one or two day rentals, expect a 30-60 minute delay. But larger fleet orders, custom rentals or busy peak season delays may extend 1-4 hours before drivers can hit the road.
  • Transportation Duration. From the closest CarBorn branch, Ford delivery to most central Dubai locales averages 30-90 minutes depending on traffic. Outlier areas could take 2+ hours. Hotels along major roads generally receive prompt deliveries within an hour.
  • Monitoring Status. You can call CarBorn’s customer support after booking to track expected delivery arrival times. As drivers approach, agents view rental fleet GPS data to provide updated ETAs. If flights or plans change significantly, they can also reschedule drop-off times as needed.

In total, it is best to budget 2-3 hours from your reservation time until a Ford arrives curbside. During off-peak periods or for single-day rentals, you might have keys in hand within 60-120 minutes once booked. Tracking reservation status and flexibility for delays provides assurance while you wait.

How much does it cost to rent a Ford car in Dubai?

Dubai is known for over-the-top luxury experiences, including exhilarating supercar rentals. One iconic American sports car that visitors love cruising around Dubai in is the Ford Mustang Shelby. With rumbling engines and powerful performance, these muscular cars make driving through Dubai an unforgettable experience. But what will it actually cost to get behind the wheel of one of these head-turning vehicles during your Dubai trip?

Renting the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby Kit for a short 1-2 day trip will set you back AED 500 per day. If you want the car for a longer 3-7 day rental, the rate drops slightly to AED 475 daily. Rent the Mustang Shelby Kit for a week to a month and pay AED 450 per day. For long-term rentals of 29 days or more, the most affordable rate of AED 400 per day applies.

For even more incredible horsepower and design, upgrade to the 700 HP Ford Mustang Shelby. Due to the boosted performance and speed, expect higher daily rental rates. A 1-2 day rental of this Mustang beast starts at AED 2100, with prices dropping to AED 1995 per day for 3-7 days. Renters can get the car for AED 1890 daily when booking it for 8-28 days. The best value is the month-long-plus rental at AED 1680 per day.

All Ford Mustang Shelby rentals do require a fully refundable security deposit, which ranges from AED 2500-3000 depending on the model. Renters must also have proper insurance and agree to applicable rental terms and conditions.

So if you want to fully immerse yourself in the American muscle car dream during your upcoming Dubai trip, be prepared to budget between AED 400-2100 per day for an exhilarating Ford Mustang Shelby rental, based on the model and trip duration. Feel the engine’s roar and the car’s sheer power as you cruise Dubai in an automotive icon.

Is there a minimum age for Ford car rental?

The rental terms state that drivers need to be at least 21 years old to rent Ford Mustang Shelby models in Dubai. So 21 is the minimum age that car rental companies have set for getting behind the wheel of these high-powered American muscle cars while visiting the city.

Presumably the age requirement aims to ensure responsible drivers are operating these vehicles, given the Mustangs tremendous horsepower and acceleration capacities. Renters should expect to have valid driver’s licenses for at least 3 years as well.

So if you’re traveling to Dubai and hope to experience these iconic Ford cars, make sure you meet the minimum 21 year age requirement before trying to book your rental. The luxurious rides these Mustangs offer along this city glittering coast and cityscape come with selectivity on who can hit the gas. Expect car rental companies to check driver ages and eligibility to ensure road safety and accountability.

How can I rent a Ford car without a deposit in Dubai?

It is common practice for Dubai car rental agencies to require security deposits before leasing vehicles. These upfront payments allow companies to rent cars without full prepayment while also ensuring some coverage in case of issues. However, deposits often surprise visitors arriving to pick up their rental.

The typical Ford deposit amount falls between AED 300-800 based on various risk factors:

  • Vehicle Size – Larger Ford models require higher deposits to cover more value;
  • Renter History – New renters pose bigger risks, so they pay more upfront;
  • Location – Rental rules and deposits vary across different Dubai regions;
  • Payment Type – Cash/debit payments may require full rental pre-payment;

While deposits refund after returning the Ford in good condition, paying huge sums upfront can deter renters. Luckily, some Dubai agencies like CarBorn offer no-deposit Ford contracts for qualified renters, requiring:

  • Extensive Rental History. Proves previous reliability over many rental agreements.
  • UAE Residency. Local residents are often viewed as lower risk.
  • Premium Insurance. Higher coverage indicates serious commitment.

Though waiving the deposit risks exposure for rental companies, it also attracts reliable long-term clients. The deposit works as an assurance that the renter properly cares for the vehicle. So while most agencies require Ford deposits, established renters can sometimes obtain no-deposit contracts by demonstrating their credibility. Reaching elite status may take time, but provides greater flexibility.

Can you rent a Ford car without a credit card?

Visitors flying into the UAE are often surprised to learn that securing Ford car rentals typically requires valid credit card credentials. Plastic provides the basis for insurance coverage and convenient deposits authorized locally through agencies. However, not all travelers carry extensive revolving credit facilities on trips abroad. Luckily, viable alternatives beyond Visa and Mastercard now facilitate Ford rentals around Dubai minus cards. Among the top ways to pay for the rental: 

  • Cash and Debit Card Options. Paying outright with either cash or debit cards constitutes the most straightforward way of funding hands-free Ford rentals from arrival. Local agencies like Drive Dubai accept both USD and Dirham currency to prepay entire rental contracts onsite without any deposits. Similarly, debit cards connected to bank accounts allow visitors to withdraw and settle future rental bills upfront via instant terminal transactions. Just carry enough to enroll lengths from 3 days to even 1 month with all costs handled in advance.
  • Prepayment and Bank Transfers. Booking Ford rentals while still abroad also sidesteps credit card needs through wire transfer prepayments into local Emirati accounts. Secure portals through Drive Dubai and other national chains accept deposits up to 60 days beforehand, allowing 1-2 weeks for money to process before pickup dates. Bring either printed bank receipts or virtual copies on devices to verify prepaid status on arrival. Some Global affiliates even floated installment schemes spreading deposits over 3-4 months.
  • Third Party Vouchers. Besides direct agencies, third parties like rental brokers, insurers and travel services issue vouchers for prepaid Ford rentals with all-inclusive pricing. Package tours, airline partners and even ride shares like Uber now integrate rental costs within overall Dubai transfers and sightseeing. Travelers simply present digital or printed vouchers from apps to collect reserved Ford vehicles minus any cards on arrival. Redemption is located across Dubai outlets, including remote desert sites and hotels.

Ford rentals sans plastic still arrange fairly seamlessly through the UAE’s extensive tourism infrastructure. But never assume all desks support card-free contracting. Checking beforehand with rental agencies directly allows arranging approved alternatives like upfront payments. Global travel may thrive on plastic. But exceptions fortunately still facilitate even high-end vehicle rentals here through Dubai.