Rent BMW in Dubai

BMW Rental in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is known for its extravagant displays of wealth and affinity for luxury vehicles. What better place to rent a BMW and cruise along the city’s shimmering highways? Renting a BMW in Dubai is a simple process that allows visitors a taste of the Emirati high life. With a range of models available, spectacular views, and plenty of places to show off, renting a BMW promises an unforgettable Dubai experience.

But it is not that easy to understand how all processes work from a beginner’s perspective. It is important to learn more details surrounding all sorts of complications that can be faced during the process of getting a car up and ready to use. Besides, after doing that for the first time, there is nothing more to get worried about – everything is going to go smooth and according to plans. 

Documents Required for BMW Car Rental in the UAE

Renting a BMW luxury vehicle in the glittering city of Dubai is a breeze with the right documents. Renters will need to present a valid driver’s license from their home country along with a valid passport. An international driving permit is recommended but not always mandatory. Additionally, some rental agencies may require a deposit via credit card. In case of international documents usage, it is important to have them in English or Arabic. All other languages should have an official translation for the confirmation of being real and eligible to use. 

For visitors, a tourist or visit visa that covers the rental duration is necessary to present before picking up the vehicle. Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries like Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar do not need visas. Emirati residents can provide their Emirates ID.

Having all documents ready upon vehicle pickup will make the rental process quick and simple when renting with companies like Avis or Hertz. Then it’s just time to slip into the decadent leather seat, switch the engine on, and cruise Dubai’s highways in Carborn service models like the X7, M4, 5er, 3er, 760i xDrive, M3 Competition and Z4. 

How long does it take to deliver a BMW rental car?

Once you have booked your luxurious BMW rental car for a spin around dazzling Dubai, you will be cruising the streets in no time at all with swift delivery services. Leading companies like Carborn service guarantee vehicles no more than 1 year old for that new-car thrill and maintain large Dubai fleets available for pickup or delivery in under 60 minutes. It all depends on the specific district of the city. Also, it is important to point out that you can order the car prior the day of picking it up. In this case, the vehicle is going to be available straight away from the point on the map shown by the client during the procedure of placing an order. 

The company can also deliver pristine BMWs direct for pickup at hotels, airports, and personal addresses in as little as 90 minutes in Dubai. For those seeking self-drive adventures to remote desert dunes or Oman mountain roads, delivery services ensure maximum rental days behind the wheel without lengthy waits.

With streamlined rental processes, Dubai’s companies pride themselves on providing unparalleled German engineering thrills as rapidly as this fast-paced city demands. Whether looking to arrive in head-turning style to five-star restaurants or souks, BMW deliveries put guests into driver’s seats within hours for unmatched holiday experiences.

What Is The Price Of The Rental?

For those looking to cruise down Sheikh Zayed Road in style or make a power trip out to the Dubai desert, renting a BMW offers the ultimate driving experience during your time in Dubai. But these luxury vehicles come at a price – so how much will it cost to rent a BMW during your stay?

Rates for renting a car of this manufacturer in Dubai can vary depending on the model, rental company, and length of your rental. Based on options from the Carborn, here is an overview of average daily rental rates for popular BMW models:

  • BMW X7 – AED 2100. The flagship BMW luxury SUV seats up to 7 passengers in opulent comfort. With a powerful engine delivering 250km/hr top speeds, it doesn’t skimp on performance either.
  • BMW 5 Series – AED 2100. The midsize BMW sedan exudes executive class and refinement, with recent model years clocking top speeds around 225km/hr.
  • BMW 3 Series – AED 2100. The compact luxury sports sedan continues to win awards year after year for its unbeatable balance of driving enjoyment, comfort, and quality. Expect top speeds of 220km/hr.
  • BMW M3 Competition – AED 1500. This high-performance version of BMW’s iconic sport sedan lets you extract every ounce of excitement from the mighty M3. Hitting 100km in just 3.5 seconds with a limited top speed of 250km/hr.
  • BMW Z4 – AED 550. With its sporty two-seat convertible styling and nimble handling, the Z4 delivers an unforgettable open-air driving experience. The most affordable way to get the BMW badge for a day.

So if you are considering which set of BMW keys to add to your Dubai itinerary, factor in daily rates ranging from AED 500 up to AED 2100 depending on the prestige and performance you’re after. With style, power, and driving heritage rarely matched, a rented BMW promises to upgrade any Dubai visit.

How Old Clients Should Be To Rent a BMW Car?

Before sliding behind the wheel of a swift BMW rental car in glittering, fast-paced Dubai, drivers should prepare to meet age and licensing rules. In the United Arab Emirates, the minimum age to rent luxury vehicles ranges between 21-25 depending on a specific car desired.

Carborn requires renters to be at least 21 years old for standard models while BMW X7 or Porsche renters must be 25 or older. Additionally, some agencies impose maximum age restrictions as well, typically not renting to those over 70 years old.

Renters should also hold valid driver’s licenses for at least 1-3 years depending on rental company policy. Many also mandate an international driving permit along with licenses. Meeting these minimum age and permit requirements ensures visitors can enjoy cruising along Dubai’s gleaming highways or drifting through the desert in available BMW rentals worry-free. In the case of Carborn, people need to have at least 1 year of active driver’s experience. 

What is the procedure of renting a car without a deposit in Dubai?

Renting a high-end vehicle like a BMW in Dubai often requires putting down a hefty deposit that locks up your cash. However, it is possible to rent a BMW in Dubai without paying a deposit if you meet certain qualifications.

The key is your payment method. Some rental car companies in Dubai will waive the deposit requirement if you pay with a premium credit card like Visa Infinite or Mastercard World Elite. This must be a credit card in your name – authorized user cards usually do not qualify. Here are the basic steps to rent a BMW without a deposit in Dubai with a Carborn:

  1. Check your credit card privileges to see if you have a premium card that offers rental car insurance benefits. This will satisfy the rental company’s deposit requirements.
  2. Book your luxury car rental directly with companies that accept premium credit cards. Specify that you wish to use your premium card’s rental coverage so no deposit is pre-authorized.
  3. Verify all documentation for renting is in order – driver’s license, passport, credit card. International driving permit recommended.
  4. Pick up your dream rental BMW. No deposit needed since your credit card acts as a guarantee rather than an upfront cash deposit.

Of course, you are still liable for the value of the vehicle if it is damaged or stolen. But using a premium credit card lets you avoid paying the hefty deposit upfront just to rent a BMW or similar high-end vehicle in the UAE. Check eligibility requirements at the official page of the Carborn website, but this deposit-free rental method lets you unlock exclusive cars like BMWs to explore Dubai in style without any additional spendings. 

Is it possible to rent a car without a credit card? 

Renting a luxury vehicle like a BMW can be a tempting proposition when traveling or simply wanting to experience driving a high-end automobile. However, many major rental car companies have strict requirements when it comes to renting their premium vehicles – especially regarding payment methods. So can you actually rent a BMW car without providing a credit card?

The answer is not that straightforward: sometimes, but it is challenging. Most rental car providers, including ones that offer BMW rentals, require renters to provide a major credit card in their name that can be used to place a hold against the rental deposit and potential damages. Without this, they are unlikely to hand over the keys to an expensive vehicle like a BMW due to the financial risks involved.

That said, alternatives may exist in certain circumstances. Some Carborn allow debit card deposits with additional verification procedures in place. As a localized rental agency, the company also accepts large cash deposits on high-end rentals, though this option is rare. Renters with substantial memberships status in rental loyalty reward programs may also find exceptions to standard credit card policies as well.

But for the average renter, a personal credit card in your name will need to be provided to rent a luxury or specialty vehicle like a BMW. Without one, you will find it extremely hard if not impossible to find a rental company willing to take a chance renting out a BMW vehicle due to their steep replacement values. So while exceptions exist in limited cases, the general rule remains – no credit card, no BMW rental. Plan accordingly if you hope to rent one of these elite automobiles to allow yourself the thrill of driving one.