Rent Tesla in Dubai

Renting a Tesla Car – The Future Is Here

The future we all have been dreaming about is here – it is now possible to drive a car without a potential threat to nature. All thanks to the ability of renting a Tesla car with the help of the Carborn service. With the help of this service it becomes really easy to cruise Dubai city on such a luxury car. It is good to know that by doing so, you are helping the planet to stay safe and clean for generations to come. But it is not enough to know that it is an electric car, it is also important to learn more details surrounding what makes it so special among all other manufactures, who also produce electric cars.

Top Reasons to Rent a Tesla

Everyone knows about a positive trend that was started with this brand, when their first commercially successful electric car was introduced. The eco-friendlies has made this line-up of cars so much popular among drivers from all around the world, but there are many more reasons to give this car a chance:

  • Top-notch Technologies. The company always tries to impress people with tech they are implementing in their cars. For example, they have a built-in Steam OS based gaming platform, which allows to enjoy such videogame hits, like The Witcher 3 or CyberPunk 2077 on a big interior multimedia screen of the car;
  • Advanced Autopilot Technology. If the driver will not be able to comfortably open the car, because it was stuck between two other vehicles, it is possible to activate the autopilot feature and Tesla will automatically approach the driver from the best position;
  • Easy Charging. It is possible to find a charging base in almost any district of Dubai. Besides, the car is famous for saving the power like any other brand on the market, which helps to make sure you will not run out of battery unexpectedly.

But to fully appreciate all of these benefits, it is also very important to learn more about models that are currently available for renting from the Carborn service.

Tesla Models Available to Rent

Carborn service is giving people a chance to place an order to rent most popular and advanced models of this manufacture at the moment:

  • Tesla Model S. All-electric luxury sedan that redefines the driving experience. With its sleek design, impressive acceleration, long-range capabilities, and advanced Autopilot features, the Model S combines all the possible modern technologies to stay clean, yet powerful enough;
  • Tesla Model 3. Sedan that has a lot to offer for a driver. It showcases technologies that were hard to imagine only a couple of years ago, including an impressive range on a single charge, quick acceleration, and Autopilot features. With its sleek design, spacious interior, and commitment to zero-emission driving, the Model 3 redefines the future of automotive transportation;
  • Tesla Model X. All-electric SUV with some incredible features in store. Known for its distinctive falcon-wing doors, this car offers a spacious interior, seating for up to seven passengers, and an advanced autopilot system. With impressive acceleration and long-range capabilities, this is a must-have car for a big city;
  • Tesla Model Y. A very compact electric SUV that embodies efficiency, performance, and modern design. With a sleek and aerodynamic profile, the Model Y offers spacious seating for up to seven passengers and ample cargo space. It features advanced autopilot capabilities, impressive acceleration, and an impressive range, making it an ideal choice for both urban and long-distance driving;
  • Tesla Roadster. This is an electric sports car that pushes the boundaries of performance and speed. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, the car boasts jaw-dropping acceleration and a top speed that rivals traditional sports cars.

All of these cars are worth the attention from all people who are traveling to Dubai and want to make sure that their trip is not going to be just another boring day at work.

How To Rent a Car?

If you are 21 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience, it is possible to rent a Tesla within a couple of minutes. To do so, you just need to open the page of the Carborn website that is dedicated to a specific model you would like to rent and fill up an information form with all the necessary data demanded by the site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them to the customer support team by calling them with the phone number that is specified on the site.